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Business Law at Reena Gulati PLLC

Are you an entrepreneur, small or a mid-size business? The body of law governing today's business is vast and expansive and can affect you in various ways in how you conduct your business:

  • Right from your initial decision to incorporate your business
  • The choice of entity to protect you from liability
  • To minimize your tax liability
  • Operating your business on a daily basis with minimal chance of litigation

These are all important decisions. The laws protect employers and employees. I will negotiate contracts to best protect your bottom line. It is important to have the foresight and experience to spot legal issues and address them initially in the contract.

Often a business has two or more partners. Then it almost becomes mandatory to structure an agreement between the partners:

  • To allow for easy exit strategy and to plan for contingencies.
  • So you are not personally subject to the whims of the majority shareholders or vice versa that the minority shareholder cannot drag you into litigation.

My firm is committed to your growth and investment. No matter the size of your business, it's important to consult with an attorney on a wide variety of issues that affect your business.At the initial consultation:

  • I will understand your goals and your long term objectives for your business
  • And incorporate them into my legal strategy.

Very often at the initial stage of the business the partners do not feel the need for such an agreement. This is what I call the honeymoon period. However there will be disagreements down the line and it is reassuring to know that you have clearly spelt out your options in the agreement.

When buying or selling a business, it is imperative that the business acquisition or sale be structured to reduce future liability to you. This is an important consideration and requires an experienced attorney to navigate you through the various laws effectively. The individualized attention that I offer to my clients with a sharp focus on legal issues is the hallmark of my practice.

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