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Attorney Reena Gulati

Reena GulatiFor more than 20 years, I have represented a diverse array of clients in various legal matters including, estate planning, real estate matters, business succession, LLC and Corporation set ups and much more. I have achieved an in-depth expertise in these areas. Understanding both, the personal and business concerns of my corporate and individual clients helps me in devising a legal strategy personalized to their situation. There is no one size fits all.

However, the financial concerns of my clients are equally important to me. Therefore my firm offers flat fee billing as an alternative to the traditional hourly billing which allows my clients to budget for legal fees. In certain cases, and when appropriate, hybrid fee arrangements are entered into with clients. In my experience these fee arrangements foster a relationship of trust and respect between the client and their attorney.

The clients are empowered to evaluate their own case with expert guidance through the various steps in their legal matter and each of the processes are explained to them in detail. My firm investigates each of our clients matter individually and thoroughly analyzes their legal issues. I am a strong advocate for my client. As my client you will feel confident in making well informed decisions about your matter.

Disputes arise in every area of human endeavor; business and financial affairs are no exception. Although I work hard to resolve disputes without litigation, but if necessary, I will zealously protect your interests in court. When you contact me, you can be confident that you will receive professional and knowledgeable representation for your legal matter.