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Estate Planning at Reena Gulati PLLC

My firm is committed to your privacy.

  • Depending on your estate itself, formulating an estate plan can quickly become an incredibly complex process that requires knowledge and experience to determine the planning strategy best for you.
  • We can save you time and money when transferring an estate.
  • We have the skills and know-how required to get you tax benefits and save you costs and time throughout the process.

We can create an estate plan that streamlines the probate process for your heirs while maintaining your privacy. Each client is unique. Their needs are different. There is no one size fits all approach. No single strategy works for every client. Therefore when I meet with you a comprehensive evaluation of each client is undertaken and we match the estate plan to each client’s set goals and plans. Your satisfaction and understanding of the process and ease of administrating your estate plan are of utmost importance. Your objectives are paramount to me.

I am often asked whether everybody needs a will. The short answer is yes. The will is a blueprint of your wishes. It takes care of your matters as per your directions and more importantly when you can no longer dictate how your affairs should be handled. A will gives you control to make decisions here and now. It ensures that they are implemented the way you would like them. You have worked hard and you should determine what happens to your assets and your financial wealth.

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