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Real Estate Law at Reena Gulati PLLC

From from first time home buyer to real estate investor and buyers and sellers of commercial property, real estate law covers it all. It is often the most expensive asset in your estate. There is nothing routine about buying and selling real estate. There are plenty of landmines and potential pitfalls that should be negotiated carefully.

We represent you from the very beginning of the process including:

  • Preparing and reviewing contracts
  • Coordinating your financing
  • Reviewing title work
  • Attending the closing

It is important that your property should be inspected by a good engineer to determine the quality of your real estate purchase. This allows you to negotiate any issues right upfront. We guide you through the process and attempt to eliminate potential issues therefore limiting any chances of expensive real estate litigation down the line.

Several issues can arise when purchasing or selling property. Current tenants at the property can pose their own problems. Even the simplest lease should be reviewed by your real estate attorney. There are zoning laws, environmental laws, boundary line and encroachment issues that must be evaluated no matter how big or small your transaction is. Size does not matter. Protecting your investment is our foremost concern.

Real estate law varies from state to state, and periodically changes. We urge you to be fully prepared for your real estate issues by allowing us to handle it for you.

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