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Do you have a default judgment and not know it?

Have you ever experienced attempting to refinance or obtain a loan only to find there is a judgment against your name or your business? Do you believe that the judgment is erroneous? Or that the incorrect entity has been sued? Often, the business owner does not find out about the judgment until the service of a Marshal’s Notice. In these instances, the business owner either never received proper notice of the lawsuit or failed to respond to a complaint and a default judgment was entered against the business owner.

It is possible that the party who sued you got the wrong business name or that the amount sued for is incorrect. Or the judgment should not have been under your personal name because you never assumed personal liability. You might have other valid defenses, but you never had the opportunity to contest the lawsuit because you didn’t find out about it until the very end of the legal process. All these issues must be looked at carefully to determine the best approach to opening a default judgment and if there are effective defenses to that judgment.

There is an opportunity to have the default judgment vacated. It’s dependent on various factors and is fact-specific. You can call us to discuss your situation and determine ways in which we can successfully assist you.