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These Are Tough Times, Let Us Take A Hard Look At Your Estate Plan.

There is the fear of the unknown.  However, if you a have plan in place it helps settle your mind and take care of your loved ones. This is an opportunity to review your estate plan or if there is no plan, to put one in place. To decide who is going to be in charge, to decide who gets your assets, who will take care of you. Put your fiduciaries in writing.  Make sure your estate plan is not open to interpretation and challenge. There are several reasons to do some estate planning; to provide for your children’s care, to plan for your financial assets, and to plan for your incapacity.  Make a Will today; have your Power of Attorney and your Health Care Proxy in place.  Ease the burden on yourself with a well-thought-out and concrete written plan, executed with an attorney so that there are no errors and the legal formalities comply with the law. Call us today to make an appointment for your Will at 516-570-4016.