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Buying Real Estate? Have Your Team in Place!

No matter if it is your first time or the sixth in buying real estate, it can be a tough time. Knowing who to turn to at what stage is especially important.  Most often people seek out their attorney in the very end.  First, you look for a house online or with a real estate broker, then you engage for a mortgage and research that, however, I find people spend the least amount of time in seeking a good, experienced attorney.  Sometimes it is almost an afterthought. The role of the attorney, more often than not, is after all information is gathered and the offer for purchase has been made.  However, that substantial amount of money that you are spending on the house hinges on the expertise of your attorney.  As to any boundary line issues, any open permits, any judgments, any survey issues, and any title issues and how they are handled and their impact in the long run on your ability to either refinance or sell the property.  All such critical issues must be handled by your attorney in the most effective way.  Let our experience guide you through this process.  Call us at 516-570-4016.